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Net about the new car to come you can hit the car? Good news – Sohu, as a person often hit a car trip, after the draft release, you know the most concern is nothing more than a taxi will not change, prices will be more expensive. This afternoon, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Authority held a seminar to discuss the organization of experts, the taxi company managers, drivers, lawyers and media representatives are consulted on the "Beijing city network reservation taxi management service management implementation details" and other 3 documents. Jun Jun also attended the meeting, and in addition to the meeting interviewed about the network platform and related experts, try to answer some of the issues of most concern. Number 1, network about cars will be reduced? Released yesterday for the draft mentioned in the network about the car drivers need to Hukou in Beijing, the city has issued the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience, 60 years of age in male and female aged under 55. In vehicles, 5 three car passenger car exhaust amount is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2700 mm; new energy axle distance not less than 2650 mm; 7 seat passenger car exhaust volume is not less than 2.0L, the wheelbase is not less than 3000 mm, the length is greater than 5100 mm. Communication law research center of China University of Political Science and Law deputy director Zhu Wei believes that the number of network about cars will occur cliff fall. In line with the provisions of the standard about the car, in Beijing, probably accounted for three or four of the largest, the field should also be in this value fluctuate, the biggest impact is to reduce the number of drivers to reduce the supply." Hit group senior analyst Chen Wei said. Yesterday after the draft release, immediately responded that drops travel, these Provisions virtually raise the threshold of access standards, the number of control is disguised, will lead to a drop in the supply of vehicles. In Shanghai, for example, according to the platform statistics, the network is currently engaged in the vehicle about the new wheelbase requirements, less than 15; in addition, the driver will be significantly reduced. Such as Shanghai has activated more than 41 drivers, fewer than 10 thousand drivers with a local household registration in Shanghai. Shenzhou car relevant responsible person said, Beijing and Shanghai network about cars require local people to become the new draft regulations about network driver, this policy is too harsh. In the model, the Shenzhou car, the vehicle is B above the level of the vehicle, in accordance with the local network about vehicle on vehicle. At present there is no field data disclosure of the proportion of drivers. However, in today’s seminar, the experts said, in Hongkong, Taipei, Tokyo and some other cities, such as the right step network is a ban on the car. Seoul only allows very luxurious vehicles engaged in the network about cars. Beijing regulations have been more relaxed than these cities." The experts believe that the provisions of the city of Beijing about the displacement of the car, wheelbase and other requirements, one reason is to comply with the development of this differentiation, to meet the needs of these high-quality travel crowd. 2, would like to take a taxi will be more difficult in yesterday’s response, drops travel that this provision will result in a significant reduction in travel efficiency. Rough estimate, etc..相关的主题文章: