Men eat raw meat xiansang Ming liver occupied two blood vessels to be eaten 1926年属相�

Men eat raw meat xiansang Ming liver occupied two blood vessels in the liver was eaten the original title: "alien" liver hydatid almost to his life some of your habits, may let these tiny insects have the opportunity to "live" into the body, they build nests and may be even in the eyes of liver… Look at the Southwest Hospital patients with hepatic hydatid disease, intends to pastoral travel of people, it is best not to eat raw food, drinking unboiled water, contact with the pet, also need to be cautious. Hepatic hydatid liver invasion, "eat" two vessels in October 9th, lying in the Department of hepatobiliary surgery of Southwest Hospital bed, 52 year old shozawa think this be escaped. Because of the long nomadic and livestock more contact and eating raw meat, Sichuan County of Ganzi Tibetan herdsmen in Tokorozawa, 4 years ago the local physical examination, found a huge "liver occupying", who "occupation" of the liver? The doctor is considered "liver hydatid disease" in the pastoral areas, known as "cancer bug". The eggs into the intestine, in the intestine after hatch into larvae, reaches the liver, because the liver immune cells can kill worms, insects do not survive, but the one thousand enemy since the loss of eight hundred, the game in the liver after the formation of solid lesions. By the local medical standards, Tokorozawa has been taking medication control. The day before, he was accompanied by his family, to the Chongqing Southwest Hospital for treatment. Department of hepatobiliary surgery, Southwest Hospital physician Lu Qian said, CT showed the most thick veins in Tokorozawa, has a diameter of 3 cm, have all been hydatid lesions invading three vessels, and a link to the liver vessels, has been "eaten" hydatid two pieces, only one is not good. "Like a highway is destroyed, we have to take the road, to ensure the operation of the liver after the blood to pass through this route back to the body, because you want to eat two blood vessels to complete the reconstruction of the blood in the body, only to repair." The operation of 8 hours and 40 minutes, in vivo vascular reconstruction this operation by the Department of hepatobiliary surgery director don’t flat together with Lu Qian. Most of the lesions included right liver resection in advance, in order to better reveal the second hepatic portal, as far as possible to keep blood vessels healthy drainage. Since then, the inferior vena cava was reconstructed with artificial blood vessels, and the left hepatic lobe was also performed in the reconstruction of the liver. Cholecystectomy, right three hepatectomy, reconstruction of the portal vein, partial resection of the inferior vena cava, reconstruction of the superior bile duct"…… This time-consuming operation in 40 hours 8 minutes, a series of operation were used, Tokorozawa ultimately saved the liver, complete elimination of parasites from the body. After the surgery, Tokorozawa has been able to eat normally, at present to the hospital. Liver hydatid disease is a parasitic disease, Lu Qian said, "liver hydatid disease", is actually a parasitic disease prevalent in animal husbandry developed Xinjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Tibet provinces in China, Chongqing is not the region, so we do not panic. For liver hydatid disease, its causes, mostly because the eggs of dog tapeworm parasitic on dog feces from the small intestine often adhered to the dog and sheep fur, people who eat eggs be contaminated food after being infected. Yan相关的主题文章: