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470 million yuan behind the chain of transnational fraud SCI paper business in China – Sohu Education University in public places plastered with psoriasis ads. The fraud has become an open secret in China, involving international paper industry chain also rarely disclose fraud. (Oriental IC Figure) Brazil magazine GMR was reported to be suspected of transnational production of researchers, published academic papers. The researchers found that in 2015, the journal published 1605 Chinese scholars, accounting for about 78.1% of the total. At least 11 SCI papers have exactly the same experimental charts. Two groups of authors from two different hospitals in the hospital used the same chart in the paper, and even contributed and published it in the same journal. Almost by the Chinese scholars "contract" of the journals are not in the minority, mostly belong to the authors or institutions to pay, the reader free publishing model. In 2015, China paid $72 million 170 thousand, most of the research funds and institutions pay. Academic "sewage well", and one more. This opened the lid, is a company called "plagiarism supervision" (Plagiarism Watch) of the United States plagiarism monitoring website, a website editor in the survey reported the Shuntengmogua, surprisingly found that some money to foreign "Predators" journals and the "gunmen" company with suspected researchers transnational production and academic papers published. The report is the Brazil Journal of genetics and molecular research (English name Genetics and Molecular Research, referred to as GMR). The researchers found that in 2015 Chinese scholars reached 1605 articles, accounting for 78.1% of the magazine. "The magazine from Chinese far, at one hundred and eight thousand, impact factor (International Journal evaluation index, mainly to see the number of citations) is only 0.764, actually more than Brazil football has also been Chinese scholars pursued?" The editor of the website of "plagiarism surveillance" ironically. "The world’s largest scientific English paper fraud company". Although the spread of the media is exaggerated, but the Chinese medical community, which is undoubtedly worse. In early 2015, the British BMC publishing house had withdrawn 43 papers, of which the authors of the 41 papers came from china. In August of the same year, the German Springer Publishing Group also announced its withdrawal in 64 papers published on the 10 academic magazine, most of which the author is from China. As the world’s most famous one of the three scientific literature retrieval system, referred to as the "Science Citation Index" SCI (Science Citation Index) citation database, has been regarded as the most important and internationally recognized scientific statistics and scientific evaluation tools. But now, this part of the magazine in the system, with the publishing fee, for the counterfeiters to open the floodgates wide to China. They have a common feature: both belong to the OA journal, that is, the author or the organization to pay, the reader free publishing model, are charged with a lot of money version相关的主题文章: