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2008 Zhuhai airshow: China air force as one of the organizers exhibitors – Sohu Military Channel Chart for 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. Figure for the 2008 Zhuhai airshow. In the view of aviation to Jun, 2008 show is truly Chinese airshow, because the air force Chinese finally as one of the organizers exhibitors! Before from the famous WC forum got the news that the air force Chinese finally fully participated in the Zhuhai air show, will be sent to the main active models to show the static and flight performance, before not only hear the sound of the form of several China manufacturing can finally show in front of the ordinary people. This event is each of the hearts of fans have been looking forward to the day, the model shows name finally nobody mention. J8, J10, JH-7A, H6U, Z8, Z9, Z11, L15 these active or upcoming models finally flying in the sky in Zhuhai. The first arrived in the J10, the first time to see such a complete design and manufacture of China, a long time to protect the air from the top of the top of the feeling of this life will not forget. Many years later to see more advanced models can not be compared with the excitement of this, after all, this is the first time for so many years. J10 in the air show flight performance by the air force Chinese star driver Yan Feng driving, after the previous performances have this wonderful J10. Many other models were a flypast by L15, single acting. The air force support, is to help Chinese airshow maximum power, only to get rid of the China show comprehensive folk color, into the ranks of the national behavior. The same field, as well as India sunshine flight performance team, which is a pretty wonderful team. The plane is India made HJT-16 "light" trainer, side-by-side two seater, copied from the British "strikemaster" coach attack machine. Because the parallel seat because of the sun have a particularly puzzling thing is some different aircraft driver sits on the left side or sitting on the right side, so the left pilot must fly fly ins are not accustomed to the right. "Sunshine" can fly 9 aviation aircraft formation, Jun 2007 at the earliest skytraq exhibition seen their performance in Sri Lanka, just feel satisfactory. Domestic evaluation of them is also general, may be flying too slow. The "sunshine" before the arrival of India’s IL-76 security machine over protection, stop to open the door, see India private aviation Jun is very friendly with the camera, asking you to look at the machine. You certainly willing to India aviation, aviation soldiers put a drag on the stock bin Jun enough. Down after a China customs officials came and said: boy, how can you go ah, people on the plane that people land, what procedures they did not do, no entry, you can do what permits are not. The air you spit tongue, grinning ran. India soldiers and several interesting places, one is mostly vegetarian, they are not Muslims, mainly hindu.相关的主题文章: